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30.5.2016 : 16:25


FIREworks publishes a white paper on the existence of experimentally-driven research methodology. The paper attempts to scope the area of experimentally driven research by proposing a methodology and related terminology that should help research in the ICT domain to understand how this methodology can be applied.

This white paper is intended as the first step in a controversial debate that should take place in the community of FIRE projects (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) and other interested stakeholders.

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Finnish Minister of Communications Suvi Lindén opens EU-Japan seminar

The Finnish Minister of Communication, Suvi Lindén will open the 3rd EU-Japan Symposium on Future...[more]

4th FIRE-GENI Workshop

The 4th FIRE-GENI workshop will be held in connection to the ICT2010 event in Brussels, Belgium,...[more]

3rd EU-Japan Symposium on Future Internet

20-22 October 2010 Tampere Finland [more]


Please note that the FIREworks project is closed and work continues in the undefinedFIRESTATION project!

The FIRESTATION project provides the globally known FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) Initiative with an active hub that matches, guides and co-ordinates demand for - and offering of - experimentation facilities in the context of future networks and services.

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FIREworks collects news and announcements on its tri-monthly newsletter. You can suggest news or subscribe/unsubscribe the mailing list at info(at) The newsletters are also collected undefinedhere.

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FIREworks SA (Support Action) is to coordinate and support interworking of testbeds activities in Europe and their respective connections outside of Europe. FIREworks has two objectives: 1) FIRE Community, FIREworks creates a sustainable forum for testbed actors in the area of future networks and services and 2) FIRE Strategy will be developed and actively driven in all relevant fora.

Watch a video of giving a sneak preview on FIRE facility offerings to the date:

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